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The Norito
Norito is a Shinto ritual prayer. There are considered to be three different Norito in the piece "Hiryu Sandan Gaeshi", and this is one which happens in-between each main phrase of the piece is performed.

The words are pronounced "Tenka Shoufuku Sokusai Enmei" - 『転禍招福息災延命』, which roughly means bringing a positive turn to a bad experience or situation, or turning bad times into good in order to enjoy a long and happy life.

Grandmaster Daihachi Oguchi Sensei always said that there is a god within the drum, and if you play the drum with all your heart, blood, sweat and tears, if you clear your mind and put your entire soul into each strike of the drum, then the god will hear you and protect you, your family and your life.

Why do we play "Hiryu Sandan Gaeshi"?
Why do we pray the Norito while performing?
Not because it's cool, or because it is just the way it is.
Through this project, it is the hope of all concerned that we will be able to understand the wishes and thoughts of Oguchi Sensei's life or taikodo, which is like kendo or budo, a way to develop oneself spiritually. And after knowing this, people will be able to share these philosophies with others.

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